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Rebalance Yoga Therapy
It was great to spend time with you today. I was so anxious about meeting with my employer and you helped me to understand myself and to discover that in any situation I can  breathe, be self-confident and secure. Thanks for being with me and leading me to peace. You totally change my life and my world when I see you. Barb.D.
I often feel I learn more in one day with Lisa than any number of days with someone else. I have been working with Lisa on deliberate movement and learning to Meditate.  This is especially helpful since I have to cope with Parkinson’s disease and the constant movement caused by this illness.  Learning to be peaceful, focused and relaxed, I can maintain a more productive and creative lifestyle. -Judy H.

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​One of the things I enjoy about working with Lisa is her voice. The moment I step into her studio, I feel more relaxed. Then of course the breathing and careful movements we do help me lessen the pain in my lower back. She also helped me figure out how to alter some of my daily activities to prevent unnecessary discomfort. I feel the benefit of our sessions on a daily basis.-Al N.
​After my second miscarriage, I got so depressed and was not able to talk about it to anyone.  When I finally got pregnant a third time, I was so afraid I would lose the baby again. The class that I took with Lisa was the one time each week that I felt relaxed and healthy enough to carry the baby to term. I now have a beautiful baby boy. - Colleen L​.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, am unable to do most exercise, and even walking is painful
I have worked on and off with Lisa for a couple of years. We do mostly chair yoga, some standing at the wall and movements for my joints. We do a lot of visualization, relaxation and pain management (she calls it pain transformation) which has helped me immensely on my bad days. -D.L.


Ms. Manheim explained that after 5 or 6 sessions I would definitely see improvement or this was not the correct approach for me.            
After two sessions I am able to practice the breathing, relaxation and postures on my own, which I do most days. Now, 4 sessions later, both my physical and emotional health has improved. My doctor was surprised that my blood pressure had dropped 20 points for the first time in years. -Norman.B.

Lisa is very good at what she does! I’ve been going for almost 3 years now and my body has been thanking me. Lisa is very good at explaining how to get into certain poses and really makes you feel and understand the poses before getting out of them, which makes it easy to remember when you go home and practice! If you’re looking to work on flexibility such as myself or just looking to relax your mind and treat your body with care I fully recommend Lisa she is nothing short of the best!  -Steve S.
Lisa’s Yoga Therapy class was superb.  The two hours flew by
like minutes. The contents were selected such that they were beneficial to all participants with different needs.  The
techniques practiced allowed us to release stress and at the
same time acted as a catalyst to the bodies anatomy in the
cleaning and detoxification process. Whether you have health challenges or not, this class is worth attending.
Fey S..... Harrisburg.


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