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Rebalance Yoga Therapy
Schedule a Workshop:    single and multiple sessions available.                   
Meditations for Veterans
Partner Yoga: The Art of Giving and Receiving                                               
Yoga Therapy for Arthritis
Get Things Moving: Yoga for Constipation                                                       
Exploring the Lymphatic System
Leave your STRESS at the door - Tools to Transform Stress and Anxiety                                Yoga Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
Happy Feet
Yoga Therapy: Targeting Chronic, Structural & Emotional Issues
Yoga Therapy for Depression
Yoga Therapy for Liver + Detox
Mindfuless Meditation                                                                                        
Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis                                                                                  
Yoga For a Happy Healthy Back

Yoga for Alzheimer's prevention and Brain Longevity

In this seminar I present the scientific research and curriculum from the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation featuring the "4 Pillars of Alzheimer's Prevention" including: Diet, Stress management, Physical and Mental Exercise and Spiritual / Social Health. We will review what actions to take that can prevent, slow or stop deteriorating brain cells and activity.                                                                              In a straight forward way, I explain how even small changes in lifestyle have a profound affect on Brain Health. I offer accessible yoga and meditation practices for all ages and stages of brain health.


This seminar is appropriate for care givers, yoga teachers, therapists, health care professionals and those in early stages of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Yoga is My Therapy - How yoga benefits digestive health with practical ways to integrate it into daily life.  

I am honored to be presenting at SYTAR, the Symposium for Yoga Research & Therapy this June. There has been a lot of talk about Yoga Therapy recently. It is an exciting and critical time for the field. The International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists has supported yoga therapy as an integrative practice for the last 25 years! My presntation focuses on the tools and techniques of yoga therapy to prevent digestive difficulties, address the discomfort accompanying constipation and Diarrhea and educate participants to create a wellness plan. This approach complements other therapeutic and healthcare professions.

For more information, Please contact me by email.


Partner Yoga

Sunday  April 6   2-5pm

Learn when you are the giver and when you are the receiver.

Learn how to support and be supported.

$45 per person   $85 register together

After April 1 $50 per person


THis FUN workshop is for everyone - with or without a partner - with or withour prior yoga experience. Partner yoga is a playful, creative, exploration of yoga.


Partner yoga brings people together through movement, breath, touch, communication and trust. Partner yoga can be practiced by any two people: friends, co-workers, siblings and couples.


Lisa Manheim &  Janet Ries Stern  have explored partner yoga together and share their enthusiasm for this practice with people of all ages and levels of experience.


Lisa Manheim RYT500, MFA, CYT                                                  Janet Ries Stern 

Has taught for 18 years at yoga studios and at the                    has practiced & taught yoga since 1988.  

Health & Nursing Dept. Bucks County Community College,     She studied partner yoga withNateshvar and 

teaches  Mindfulness Meditation                                                    thanks Miko Doi-Smith, Gabriella Yates, Shari Simon 

and has a private yoga therapy practice.                                      & Lisa for sharing a mat with her.


To register: Contact Twisters Yoga Ambler Pa




Yoga Boost for the Immune System

A workshop for Students, Teachers & Healthcare professionals 


Sunday, February 16  2:30-5pm  

$40 preregistration by Feb 9 / $45 after


Sun Dog Yoga Studio:  17 W. State St, Doylestown, Pa 215 230 4031


If you contantly feel run down or are susceptible to colds and flu you may have a weak immune system.

Come learn how the immune system functions and what compromises it’s efficacy. Discover ways to stimulate the four physiological systems that are connected to the immune system.

Be prepared to participate in discussion and practice. We will look at ways to strengthen immune competence and integrate it into an appropriate personal practice and healthy lifestyle. Although this is an adult workshop, much of what we will cover is applicable to children

* Sample my ‘Immune-Booster’ tonic & learn to make your own.



Why Yoga Therapy is Good for Arthritis ​


Doylestown Public Library 

Saturday, November 16  1-2pm      Free

This is an introduction to Yoga Therapy and a gentle experiential practice curtailed to people living with arthritis. Please wear comfortable clothes and don't eat for 1 hour prior to our meeting. Bring a yoga mat if you feel comfortable on the floor, otherwise we will be standing and moving from a chair. This practice is appropriate for all ages, restrictions and degrees of flexibility. Come & surprise yourself with how good you can feel.                                                                                                                             Presented by the Friends of the Doylestown Library



Yoga for Parkinson's


The Wellness Center (of Doylestown Hospital) 'The Warrington Room'

Tuesday, September 10,  1:30-3         Free

An informational session for People with Parkinson's Disease including discussion, breathing and movement. We will do chair yoga and some standing poses and balance, with  props if needed.



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